Projet EVA

The Object of the Internet


The Object of the Internet is an installation evoking the idea of a mausoleum for the end of the web.

This installation projects visitors in a dystopic near-future where the only remaining trace of their presence on the social networks are fleeting, artificially animated reflections of their self. Condemned to the status of sterile solipsisms, these vestigial selfies agitate in the distant void of the end of the Internet.

Motors, lights and speakers are integrated in a perforated spinning disc mounted within an arching aluminium structure. Users are invited to sit underneath the structure and insert their head through the disc. They will then see their faces reflected by rotating two-way mirrors that spin around them.

The piece starts slowly, enabling a clear view of one’s self. As time progresses, the viewer’s reflection will be completely dissected and blurred by the acceleration of the spinning mechanism and the flickering of the lights. Under such circumstances, visual focus is hard to achieve, forcing the user to gaze into a perspectiveless abstract visual and sound environment.


The piece relies mostly on an analog and mechanical mediascape. There is no video signal, only lights, motors and mirrors. Mechanical vibrations of the installation are picked-up by contact microphones, amplified and transferred back through the metal structure by the means of a driver affixed to it. Two speakers set inside the disc rotate along with the mirrors, adding a phase shifting effect to the feedback generated soundscape. The piece works as a linear experimental media proposal. The experience has a total duration of 5 minutes.


Original Idea and Concept
Simon Laroche
Etienne Grenier

Photo and Video Documentation
Projet EVA

Normand Gauthier
Raphaël Demers
Fablab du PEC
Nathalie Bachand
Eastern Bloc