Projet EVA

Corpus Delicti


Corpus Delicti is a performance combining robotic, human and visual computer processing elements.

This project has served as a prototyping and experimentation ground for the production of a larger scale project, Spamspasmes.

A performer is lying on a table set inside a tent used as a temporary operation unit. According to the rhythmic progression of djs, hooks are being set on his body. These hooks are attached to servomotors. A robotic arm set on top on the table captures the action. These images are processed and transmitted to the public. A second performer can control the pulling of the skin by activating sensors fixed on her own body.

Corpus Delicti used robotics to create original visual content, not relying on the looping of pre-recorded sequences but on the movements of the camera and on real-time actions taking place in front of it.


Concept and Production
Skerzo 16
Simon Laroche
Etienne Grenier

Photo Documentation
Jean-François Renaud