Projet EVA

Micro-monuments souvenirs (available soon!)


Micro-monuments souvenirs (available soon!) acts as a counter-proposition to Canada’s project of Memorial Dedicated to Victims of Communism.

This work consists of an exhibition project featuring the production archives of miniatures and prints produced under the curatorial project of les Entrepreneurs du Commun, a collective formed with the intention of haunting the construction of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism, a much criticized public art project to be built in Ottawa. The exhibition features 28 obituaries of individuals killed between 1839 and 2014. These have been killed by police forces or judicial authorities in liberal, democratic context. These individuals are dead as a consequence of their political convictions. Their names will be engraved on a set of micro-monuments, similar to metallic miniatures sold as souvenirs that comprise two parts that fit with one another. Their shape is modeled on the Memorial to the victims of communism and its inverse.

The micro-monuments are presented in this exhibition as a maquette. They will eventually be produced in series, and sold on site, at the Memorial.


Simon Laroche
Etienne Grenier