Projet EVA



Conceived and produced by Projet EVA, unFAQ.org is a Canadian artistic platform dedicated to the exchange of immersive audiovisual recordings.

unFAQ’s structure is based on a question-and-answer format reminiscent of the famous FAQs frequently found on the web. These short lists of frequently asked questions are typically compiled to simplify administrative processes. If a FAQ represents an effective way of managing user interactions and queries, could underlying meanings can be derived from such documents? unFAQ investigates this problem of meaning-making by critically confronting the utilitarian nature of these repositories with the often unsatisfying nature of the easy, ready-made answers that are thrown at those attempting to explore fundamental issues that have a profound impact on their lives and environment. Single-cause answers are well suited to simple artificial models. However, when confronted with the complex nature of real-life situations, these simple answers can allow users to miss an important part of their experience, and thus root them in false consciousness. The resulting simplicity could be a facade beneath which lies a complex network of meanings spread across different facets of reality.


Annie Beach
Bracken Hanuse Corlett
Casey Koyczan
Ivetta Sunyoung Kang
Joi T. Arcand
Josiane Blanc
Joyce Joumaa
Scott Benesiinaabandan
Troy Gronsdahl
Yen-Chao Lin et oliver Lewis

Esther Bourdages et Lori Blondeau

Simon Laroche et Etienne Grenier