Projet EVA

Projet EVA is a collective that produces new media artworks since 2003.

Made up of Simon Laroche and Étienne Grenier, both artists, interactive media designers and teachers, Projet EVA is a collective that has been producing installations and performances in digital arts worldwide since 2003.

Projet EVA artworks explore relations established between humans, their  environment and its mediation through technological systems. The collective focuses mainly on the subtractive effects of technology and media on the human experience, as well as on how the virtual world is increasingly woven into the urban and social landscape, encroaching on physical reality. Underneath the collective’s custom made applications, robots and assorted machines lies an inquiry into how technology impacts on the construction of our social and psychological realities as well as our living environment.

Projet EVA was born out of a desire to create critical, experimental and transgressive works.

©Philippe Gagnon


Étienne Grenier
Artist and co-founder

Etienne Grenier is an artist working in the field of digital culture. He has taught audiovisual interaction design for many years at Université du Québec à Montréal. He has collaborated as a designer with architecture and communication firms, dance and theatre companies and video producers.

Simon Laroche
Artist and co-founder

Simon Laroche is an artist and interaction designer. He teaches Electronic Arts at Concordia University and collaborates on theatre, fashion design, dance and cinema productions.

board members

Julia Frainier
Head of Brand Image, Promotion and Digital Communications at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

David Lemieux
Business development consultant in creative technologies

Martin Granger
Co-founder VYV