Projet EVA



Spamspasmes is a merge between body art, robotic art and audiovisual performance.

It is a performance in which the human body is transposed in a context where it appears to be a technological artefact; it focuses on the integration of abstract human products within organic processes.

At the centre of room sits a metallic structure to which a performer is attached. His chest is pierced by hooks linked to pneumatics pulling the skin. Cameras mounted on robotic arms are also part of the structure. Graphically evoking a puppet, the body abandoned to Spamspasmes creates a contrast by casting a shadow over the identity of the operator: puppets without masters, still subdued, but under no anthropomorphic intentional entity. The whole machine pulls the body of the performer, captures his image, modifies it and casts it on screens. This body is thus enslaved by a mechanical structure which behaviours are reminiscent of a inhuman aesthetic.


Simon Laroche
Etienne Grenier